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Lake Como

La Torre, located in close proximity to the renowned Villa d'Este Park, stands as one of the most historically significant sites on the shores of Lake Como. Over the years, this villa has been subdivided into apartments, but the Tower has remained the true beating heart of the estate.

To access it, you traverse a majestic access avenue that cuts through the villa's park and leads to the main entrance of the building. Here, a majestic staircase adorned with frescoes leads to the top of the Tower. Anyone who ascends it is immediately enveloped in an atmosphere that seems to come from another era, thanks to the incredibly high ceilings and the historic columns that interrupt the facade, creating a unique architectural rhythm.

This contrast between past and present seamlessly blends with modernity, emphasized by the expansive windows that offer breathtaking views of Lake Como. The Feyrsinger Bauträger company has conceived a restoration project aimed at maximizing the building's strengths while not neglecting its rich history and the modern aspect concealed within.


The restoration efforts go beyond mere material refurbishment and also include a reinterpretation of the floor plan. The goal is to create spacious and open spaces, drawing inspiration from the nearby Villa d'Este, which represents the very symbol of history and opulence on the shores of Lake Como.

Inside La Torre, Feyrsinger Bauträger has chosen to completely clad the open living space with the fresh and summery white Carrara marble. Furthermore, the contrast between dark wood and light marble creates a unique atmosphere within the building, further accentuating its modernity.

Natural light is an essential component of the design and is emphasized through the use of wood. Playful lighting patterns are delineated by bronze elements, creating a unique pattern that adds rhythm and fluidity to the spaces.

The philosophy that inspires La Torre is not only to highlight its evident historical significance but also its inherent modernity. Through the representative layout, you access the two bedrooms of the property, each with its own bathroom.

The furnishings, curated by KB Furniture, follow a delicate color scheme - or rather, non-colors - reflecting the concept of art, furnishings, and decorations. A play of black and white runs through all the furnishings, creating an atmosphere of elegance and sobriety.

This place is conceived as the perfect stage, with a window to infinity gently outlined by the historic granite columns of the villa. Even the terrace, made of the same material, features decorative motifs that recall the entire facade of the building. From here, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Como, an authentic canvas rich in colors and life.

The elevated yet central position of the Tower allows for an authentic and sensual connection with the surrounding environment. In this unique place, history and modernity blend into an unparalleled experience on the shores of Lake Como.

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